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Courgette Soup

This was a tasty soup that we made recently at a Riverford Organic cookery demonstration. Everybody loved it so sharing it with you. Could be your new “go to” soup recipe for this winter.

1.4kg (about 8) courgettes

4 cloves garlic, roughly chopped

Extra virgin olive oil

600mls water

Large bunch basil (at least 30g if not more)

Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Top and tail the courgettes and then thinly slice them. A mandolin or food processor is good for this.

Add a really good glug of olive oil to a large heavy bottomed saucepan and add the courgettes and a good pinch of salt. This will help the courgettes cook down.

Cook over a medium heat, stirring often until the courgettes have completely collapsed and are beginning to caramelise. This may take up to 45 minutes.

Add the garlic towards the last 10 minutes of cooking time. Add a little more oil if necessary to stop the courgettes sticking.

Add the water and bring back to the boil.

Remove from the heat and add the basil. Stir, and season well with salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

Puree with a hand blender until completely smooth. Add more water to adjust the consistency and check seasoning.

Gently reheat and serve.

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