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Balance your body and your weight



Find out more about my

1- to - 1 programmes and find one that suits you and your lifestyle.



Book your complimentary, 30 minute call today and see how I can help you.

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 taster sessions available 

Do you want to lose weight that stays off, and have fun along the way, with a group of like-minded people? Are local to Wimbledon? Are you finding it hard to get going in the mornings and feel tired most of the time? Tried “every” diet but always put the weight back on? Are you experiencing mood swings, energy dips, fluctuating hormones and sugar and carbohydrate cravings?

Group sessions include:

Healthy weight loss guidance

Meal plans and recipes

Principles for balancing blood sugar and increasing energy levels.

A range of Health and Nutrition topics.

Course material

Weekly body stats; including fat mass / muscle mass / hydration

Food diary review and personalised dietary recommendations

Coaching to break free from non-hunger eating & create healthy habits.

Continued support and guidance from a registered Nutritional Therapist

And we enjoy healthy, tasty treats and snacks.


 Feeling their best 





“I have lost a stone and 1/2. The major impact of the programme has been the coaching. This has really helped me regain focus and achieve more, protect time for my health and wellbeing, develop my professional life while balancing it with family life.”





“Under the guidance of Marcelle I lost 8kg and finished my first marathon. Understanding the

way my body craves sugar and learning how to take it out of my diet was key to meeting my target weight and becoming healthier and fitter.” 




“I must admit I was cautious, well down right dubious about coaching, but Marcelle is just brilliant at it.  She has an incredible ability to home in on what you need when you don’t have a clue what you need”.

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