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5 weeks of feeling energised & lighter with online support



Find out more about my programmes and find one that suits you and your lifestyle.



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 5 Week Mini Course

You have a busy demanding life and little time for yourself

You would love to wake up every day with energy 

You have been meaning to do "something" about the winter "sluggishness" you feel but can't seem to get started

You know you should get your eating habits sorted and if only you had a magic wand....

Your dream is that your family will eat healthy balanced meals, and ask for more!

You are open to the idea of regular short "move my body" exercise sessions 

A supportive community and being connected with like-minded peeps sounds like FUN

You would love to understand your "non-hunger" eating triggers and learn how to get off the emotional roller coaster 

Online course content:

Weekly mini metabolic boosting exercise sessions which you can do anytime, these can be adjusted to your current level of fitness.

A flexible, family friendly meal plan, including tasty, balanced recipes. Download to your phone or tablet for easy access.

Invitation to join a private Facebook group where you will find your menu plan, shopping list, weekly exercise routines and daily practical guidance. This is a supportive, non-judgemental space where you can share your successes and challenges and have some fun!

Health coaching support to help you make the plan work around your lifestyle and dietary needs. We encourage small baby step habit changes throughout the programme.

Health coaching support to break free from non-hunger eating triggers.

Optional body stats print out at the beginning and end of the challenge, for those local to Wimbledon. 

Ready to get started and spring into Spring?




" I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made so far! My goal was to feel “lighter” and I DO! Really enjoyed the recipes and some will become staple favourites. Really loved the exercise and encouragement. Very informative! "


"I feel I have made some small changes that are now embedded as habits. Drinking more water is a normal thing to do now, and I find I can make good food choices in most situations with little thought now".


“ My positive change was changing meal preparation from being a chore that had to be done, to something that I enjoy again. I think of it now as a hobby rather than a task. Happy days!"

Email address:


Marcelle Dubruel



07710 234282

South West London based

Skype Consultations available

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